Theme balloon decorations ideas for kids’ birthday

Birthday themes for girls

Fairy Tale theme – We organise everything according to the theme of Fairy Tale where different stickers are used to display the clouds and beautiful scenes, the lighting is used to give the effects to the theme. The theme basically lies in two colours which are blue and white so everything is decorated in the same colour. The balloons which are used in this theme are also of the same colour which is blue and white.

Different sizes as well as shapes of balloons are used to decorate the whole party. We also use nitrogen filled balloons which are tied with ribbon and are of blue colour, everything looks like Disneyland or a fairyland. Give your child a theme birthday party surprise with a fairy-tale theme, and take her to the land of dreams.

The Themes Which We Offer –

  • Peppa pig decoration
  • Unicorn theme decoration
  • Minion theme decoration
  • Mickey mouse decoration
  • Frozen theme decoration
  • Jungle theme restaurant
  • Barbie theme decorations
  • All type of theme decorations

Cinderella – Cinderella is a very famous character among girl children and their birthday theme based on this cartoon character will be a great surprise for them. We have organised this theme in our past as well and it very much loved by customers. The theme is basically all blue, there is no other colour used in theme. The lighting also done in blue cooler and the balloons which use blue coloured and they have different shapes according to theme.

Barbie – This is the most famous thing among children, especially among the baby girls. They love Barbie dolls and adore them very much. This is why we came up with this theme as well, here we use different coloured balloons of different sizes and shapes as well as the lightings that are also of different colours. The whole theme is decorated by professionals and assure you experience will absolutely satisfying. replica horloges

Birthday theme for Boys –

Spiderman – Most favourite superhero of boys, Spiderman, the Spiderman suit and the red-black colour combination becomes the favourite thing of boys. We came up with the same combination themed party style where we use red and black collar balloons to decorate the party area and we also have Spiderman balloons which can be sticked to the wall or the nitrogen air filled can be used as floating ones. This theme is the most demanding theme generally.

Superman – This one is another super hero loved by the boys because of his suit and mask. The black and yellow theme of the suit is very famous among the children and they often wear clothes of the same design. This theme has lightings and balloons which match the superman vibes. We also have a superman shaped balloon which we fill with helium air and tie it with ribbon so it floats in the air and it feels like it is flying in the sky.

Cartoon based – We have almost every cartoon-based theme decorators who can help you in surprising your baby boy on his birthday with his favourite cartoon themed birthday party. Each and everything from lighting to balloons is done accordingly and the decoration is always satisfactory.

Balloons are the symbol of happiness and celebration. Decorations with balloons add fun to parties or any other event and create a very warm and friendly environment for guests. Choose a package from our broad range of decoration services to make the special occasions of your loved ones colourful and memorable.

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